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GMC cargo van imageHow to Choose A Qualified HVAC Contractor

This checklist should help you choose the right contractor – never be embarrassed to ask these questions when you shop around and compare.

Company Profile & Track Record

  • Is the contractor/company a registered business entity with a proper business license?
  • How long has the contractor been in business?
  • Is the "salesperson" a licensed tradesperson or just a salesperson?
  • Does the contractor have clearly identified trucks?
  • Does the contractor have an active web site?
  • Are technicians and installers licensed or registered with the trades? This is required by law.
  • Is the contractor/company local, national or international?
  • Does the contractor have 24 hour service?
  • Is the contractor authorized to sell and service the equipment brand?
  • Do you need a lawyer to read the contract or is it easy to understand? Is the contractor willing to fully explain the details of the contract

Protection & Legal Questions

  • Are quotes detailed and signed on official company letterhead?
  • Are installers and repair technicians trained, licensed and insured?
  • Have installation and repair technicians undergone a complete background check?
  • Will parts of the project be sub-contracted and are all sub-contractors trained, licensed and insured?
  • Are technicians' product training up to date?
  • Does the contractor have workman's compensation coverage?
  • How much liability insurance does the contractor have?
  • Is the contractor fully insured, licensed and up to date with all certifications? If it's a commercial installation, is the contractor bondable?
  • Is the contractor willing to provide you the copies of the credentials if requested?
  • What are the terms within the cancellation clause?

Warranties & Service Agreements

  • What are the manufacturer and contractor warranties?
  • Will the contractor complete all the warranty paperwork on your behalf?
  • Are warranties transferrable?
  • Does the contractor offer any extended service and preventative maintenance plans?

If you have more detailed questions or questions specifically about your home comfort system, please feel free to e-mail these questions to us. We will do our best to answer them for you as quickly as possible.